Web Application Development Tip- Save Data From CGridView

In this web application development example I will show you how to save data from CGridView into database. This will help you during web application development to save bulk data into the database. In this exampe I will use the basic yii application created in this web application development example Yii…continue reading →

Business Christmas Cards

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner. People all over the world exchange Christmas cards in order to convey between people good wishes related to the Christmas and holiday season. Christmas card or a holiday card is a decorated card which is sent as part of the traditional Christmas celebration .…continue reading →

Yii CGridView editable column

In this article I will show you how to make the Yii CGridView editable column. For that I will use the jQuery plugin Jeditable. I will use the example described here http://databytebank.com/2015/11/08/yii-cgridview-filter-date-range/ to make the grid inline editable. First download the Jeditable plugin and place it in 'myapp\js\js-editable\jquery.jeditable.js'. Now we…continue reading →

SEO tips for beginners

Search Engine Optimization abbreveated as SEO is the method of increasing the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine's result. Making the website optimized for search engines or making the website search engine friendly increases the chance of getting free traffic from search engine results for…continue reading →

Yii cgridview filter date range

How to make a date filter for Cgridview in Yii. First we will create a table ‘project’ that has columns id (int),name (varchar) and created_on  (date). We will create the table in the database ‘report’ which we created for the example in this post Create Report using Jaspersoft Studio. CREATE…continue reading →