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Cyber Monday – Favourite Day Of Online Retailers!!

Cyber Monday – A term emerged with the rise of the internet and online shopping sale, where consumers find the best deals of the year.

Most of the frequent holiday shoppers are well familiar with the term Black Friday but the fact is, more and more bargain hunters are driven towards Cyber Monday. The reason behind gearing up of consumers for the Monday after thanksgiving is it is the high time when retailers offer their best online shopping deals.

Unlike the Black Friday, a day after thanksgiving & considered the start of holiday shopping season, When Americans rush towards malls to get their best deals, Cyber Monday gives its shoppers to sit back at home and search for the best shopping sales offered on the day.

The Origin of Cyber Monday

In the earnest & middle of the first decade of the current century, the quest for the best shopping deals online took off rapidly. It was observed by the stores that they had gone through a drop off in the mid of holiday traffic, but the large retail chains profits remained untouched. After analyzing the market data, retailers realized that shoppers had been constantly avoiding malls, but were opting to sit in front of their computers to find the best buy. There, Cyber Monday was born.

The term “Cyber Monday” was initially coined on November 28, 2005. It was originated from and it was the result of the study that said 77% of the sales happened online.

Cyber Monday marked the history of most successful online shopping to carry out just after Black Friday, the following day after Thanksgiving.

It won’t be wrong to commit that Cyber Monday had substantially increased the sales and profits during the Thanksgiving.

Make the most out of Monday deals!!

Cyber Monday is now worldwide used by large scale companies to draw attentions of various consumers for online shopping without getting into the needless hassle of waiting in the queue and battling with the fellow customers at the typical stores.

Cyber Monday, needless to say, is an opportunity to every shopper to shop safely for online products. However, the amount of traffic entering the same website can cause system crashes sometimes, but the website management is dedicated enough to let their consumers purchase items online without falling a victim to any kind of in-store violence.

It is quite obvious that Retailers have always embraced shoppers. While large chains are still engaged in offering outstanding deals on Black Friday, many have now started offering online sales too. Some of the online retailers go beyond the time frame and offer great deals.

The success of this day was so tremendous that the day itself is now celebrated in numerous countries around the globe, to be precise in the America’s and some countries in Europe.

Value of Cyber Monday

The growing importance of the internet in our lives has certainly increased the number of online shoppers. In such an era of demand, Cyber Monday is here to make the difference.

Across the years, this day has managed to draw a positive impact across the United States. Consumers have been encouraged to go for big retailers such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macy’s and much more. A large number of buyers get attracted towards the great deals offered online and make the super advantage on shipping.

According to the 2010 census, the sales followed by Cyber Monday were so successful that the number consumers buying items online had exceeded over one billion for the preparation of only Christmas evening and New Years.

CYBER MONDAY OR BLACK FRIDAY? – Make Smart Shopping Decisions!

It is a well-known fact that Cyber Monday is a safer shopping than the typical one. But before the day comes Black Friday, followed by thanksgiving and consumers love to buy their merchandise on this day. However, it isn’t that consumer friendly than Online shopping. They are required to wait for the stores to open, and opening time varies from state to state.

On one note, where these days are called as one of most engaging days of the year, Cyber Monday stands out of tradition. Black Friday sounds confrontational but Cyber Monday gives the privilege to stay at home and shop online. A large number of cases of violence have aroused during the Black Fridays. People were documented to have involved in serious arguments, physical violence and worst of all shootings.


The coming year, join the wide range of Americans and turn on your computers and locate the best online sales and deals exclusively available for you. Cyber Monday kicks off many conventional sales, so hit the web on the coming Thanksgiving!

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