Jasper Reports Reporting Tool

jasper reports

Hello! This is the first post in this site. As the title says this is about a reporting tool known as Jasper Reports. It is a java reporting tool which is  open source that can write to a variety of targets, such as:  into HTML,PDF, Microsoft Excel,screen, a printer, Comma-separated values, RTF, ODT or XML files.


Jasper Reports is mainly used in business intelligence softwares like ERP and CRM. JasperReports reports are defined in an XML file format, called JRXML, which can be hand-coded, generated, or designed using a tool. iReport and JasperSoft Studio are two softwares mainly used to design the reports. Both the softwares have graphical user interface where we can drag and drop reporting elements and design the report.


For running the reports we require the Jasper server, we can upload the JRXML file into the server and run to see the output. It can be used with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.It also supports XML file as data input.


The good news is that Jasper Reports can also be integrated with PHP applications, as PHP doesn’t have good reporting solutions. Jasper Reports provide an API for integrating it with PHP.


So this was a brief explanation about Jasper Reports and it’s capabilities. I will explain in detail about how to create a report and integrate it with PHP in the upcoming posts.