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Very often while visiting several sites and web browsers, we feel the urge to save things for future. It may be a funny video; you wish to show your friends or might be an extremely informative article, which can assist you in future.

In such cases what do you do? Save whole website links or E-Mail yourself?

To help you in such situations, Pockets works extremely productive for you. Pocket is a place where you can save stories that interest you quickly.

So, My friends! the next time you an article, video or any other link, STOP E-Mailing yourself links and just pocket it and have the privilege to watch it later ANY TIME, ANYWHERE even when you are offline!

Pocket App

Apart from this, There are various scenarios when either you have plenty of time or traveling across the lands, Pocket App gives an ultimate facility to utilize you precious time in a right job. Plus, if you are an avid traveler, there is a higher possibility of your being studious during the journey.

Don’t sit idle, take your Pocket App with you, and immense yourself in the best reading and watching experiences ever.

There are plenty of reasons why you should go for Pocket App, Not just because it is named “POCKET” and can be kept in Pockets, Okay Enough Humour! Because it has everything that you have ever wished while surfing Internets.

Let’s have a look on Few of them;



The Pocket application allows you to save your desired items such as Videos, Articles, Important Links and almost everything. Pocket sync’s all kinds of devices, hence you’re free to choose your pocket device.

Whether you are a user of the mobile phone, a tablet or a Computer, you can always get back to your saved stuff whenever you wish!

If you are an ios user, don’t feel bad. We aren’t done yet!

It works for both android or iPad/iPhone. Just different sets of interfaces for both of them. It doesn’t mean that Pocket is differentiated but it remains same in terms of quality experience and layout structures and features.

Pocket App


With your personal Pocket, you get an unlimited access memory to save everything on your screen.

Some people being a blogger or a writer or any other profession that requires knowledge and continuous updating with newer techniques, require to learn something new and completely unique every day. It helps them to implement those things the next day.

Even if you aren’t one of those, what’s the harm in getting smarter every day?

Well, that pretty much explains why do we need to have our Pocket app with unlimited storage capacity. You can also save or download files for offline assistance, however, this facility gives a limited space but it is pretty much enough compared to what you may need.

Pocket App


It is quite clear that this app is used with other online websites, web browsers, and apps to make it productive. The folks who tend to use different platforms but couldn’t manage to read any of them properly, Pocket is the best solution for them!

You may push your stuff into your Pocket through any platform. It works awesome with your web browser and E-Mails and has been integrated into more than 1500+ apps including your favorite apps such as facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and much more.

Moreover, it gives one click adds for your pocket in any app, also consisting a share button.

Well! what more can you ask for?

Pocket App


No, doubt internet is itself a big distraction to our fine readers. The unwanted adds, anonymous pop-up’s and lots of background activities humiliate many of us.

In fact, if you are using the internet there are fine chances you’ll be moving away from current topic within few minutes Unless you are a Super Human with Superpowers who can recall everything they had read days later!

All these troubles are eliminated with Pocket’s offline reading facility.

Apart from these issues, Pockets allows you to customize your Pocket and make reading a clean and pleasurable experience.

The interesting part is yet to come, Pocket offers two modes Separately for Day & Night for seamless Reading!

Pocket AppPocket App


Okay, to be honest, This point we recommend the most!

Why hurt your Retinas when you have such an amazing feature in Your Pocket?

Text-to-Speech is a brilliant combination of listening and reading. It uses your device’s in-built text-to-speech function and delivers a soothing, humanly voice. You may experience text-to-speech on iPad/ iPhone or androids. In addition, Computers Pocket application also provides this facility.

This indeed improves your listening skills, increases your concentration and gives you an unexpected user experience.

So, from next time read out Loud your articles with Pocket App!

Pocket App


Why to keep your favorite stories limited to your Pocket’s permanent memory when you can share your best reading stories with your friends and followers.

Let people know what you are reading and watching with your Pocket app!

You can either share your stuff from your library or simply recommend your audience to have a look.

Pocket App


Spare a minute to find out the stories you’ll love!

All the stuff recommended by your friends or people you follow pop’s up directly into your pocket. This feature helps you to stay updated what others are reading and sharing. Don’t forget to check out the variety of videos, they usually store a lot in them.

A good reader is always consistent to his audience and what is going on out there with others. Plus, it increases your levels of perception.

Become a partner in others crime with this beast app!

Pocket App


You may have undergone various of storage layouts and structures during your daily life and internet surfing world, But the kind of management and Presentation appealed by Pocket App definitely deserves applauds of all.

The majestic organization of everything you had bookmarked, hit shared and clicked as Pocket. Pages are beautifully turned out in different layouts defined by users. They gladly provide Article view and web view layouts, both in order to leave a great impact on user’s mind.

They have offered advanced category options to categorize your articles and put them with similar kinds. Apart from that, you may also add tags to them, to easily sort or search them with their respective tags. All of your articles are kept safe unless you delete them manually.

It might seem strange, but it works in the same way for both Androids or ios or anything else.

Pocket App


Okay, To be Specific, Smarter people always know what they are using, Plus it always advisable to have a prior knowledge of what you intend to use. This makes your experience with applications safe and smoother.

Platforms :

Pocket, initially termed as “Read it later”, is an application developed by Read it later, Inc in 2007. It was originally designed for only computer systems but later turned out to be useful for various platforms. Currently, Pockets runs well with a list of servers such as Windows, Windows phone, IOS, Android, Blackberry, kobo eReaders, OS X, and web browsers.

To use Pocket app in PC, it is advised to use it on Chrome. It drives things in easy and better way.

Pocket App

Compatibility, Size & Version :

Pocket is extremely compatible with Androids, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. This app’s size and version depends on its platform that is, it varies from one to another. However, IOS demands 8.0 or later versions.

Pocket app is a free premium app and easily available. One can get it from app markets and use it absolutely free. Moreover, if you have a Pocket app Chrome extension and web app, you are all set to make the most out of it!

The new pocket version 6.3.2 has provided all the revised fixes required and eliminated bugs and several offline saving issues, had been arisen in previous versions.

Despite all its features, This app takes care of all its users all over the world. They understand the value of diversity and variety of readers out there. Hence, Pocket gives you an unexpected trait of various languages. Whether you are an English speaker or a German or Japenese, you get to have lots of languages in your Pocket.

These languages include: English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Traditional as well as Simplified Chinese, Italian, Dutch, & Portuguese.


Ratings, Reviews, & Downloads :

With all these brilliant features and user facilities, Pocket app has managed to collect the love of most of its users through wondering Reviews and Ratings.

Pocket app has received 4.5+ rating and had maximum installations, i.e. over 10,00,000+ installations.

Pocket App


Well, after all this you have read patiently my dear reader, there isn’t any chance you’ll miss the opportunity to lay down on your couch with yummy snacks, and read all you have stored for yourself on your Android phone or tablet.

It’s like suggesting your future yourself from past yourself what to read next! Isn’t it interesting?

Be wise, take your decision and grow smarter EVERY DAY!

Checkout Pocket app website: https://getpocket.com/