google search term suggestion tool

Google Search Term Suggestion Tool For Keyword Research

One of the most important thing in search engine optimization is the keyword research. Keyword research is the process of finding suitable words which a user may use to search in search engines to find a product or an information . Finding a keyword in your niche that has low competition and high search volume is important because it will give you loads of organic traffic from search engines. Traffic from search engines is very important because as they are potential customers they may buy your product or may click on the advertisement on your website as they are looking for a very specific product or information. If you are using ad publishing services like Google Adsense to earn revenue from your website then getting large number of organic search will improve your ad revenue.

Targeting Long Tail Keywords in your articles will help you get more organic traffic from search engines . Long Tail Keywords are those keywords that are two or more words in length. For example if you are targeting for the keyword “keyword research” then you can use long tail keywords like “keyword research for seo”, “keyword research tool”, “keyword research tips” etc. As long tail keywords have less competition you can easily get higher rank in search engine page results. Even though long tail keywords have less search volume compared to short keywords writing many articles using different long tail keywords for the targeted keyword of your niche will help you bring more organic traffic. As the conversion rate is very high in long tail keywords using this technique will highly improve the revenue from your website.

Google Search Term Suggestion Tool

Here I will show you a tool that will help you find long tail keywords for your website. This is a free tool and is nothing other than the Google search term suggestion tool. Yes, the same thing that you see when you are typing your search term in the Google search box. As you type your search term Google will show you a list of suggested search terms in a dropdown under the search box.

google search term suggestion tool

The list of search terms that you see under the search box is nothing other than the long tail keywords related to your search term. You can make a list of these keywords and then later find the most suitable long tail keywords using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or any other paid keyword research tools. Google keyword tool is a free tool that you can use to find keywords based on the search volume and its competition. Keyword planner free tool is part of the Google Adwords and will show you the monthly search volume and competition for the entered keyword. Hope this article will help you in finding the keywords for your SEO.