images in blog posts

Importance of Images in Blog Posts

Are you one of the guy who writes awesome content with good search engine optimization and still not getting enough traffic from search engines and social media? One of the reason your blog is not getting enough traffic may be due to the lack of images in your blog post. A picture is worth a thousand words. A blog post that has image in it has a good chance of getting more views. There are mainly three reasons that you should include an image in your post.



Image has very importance in SEO. Including your targeted keywords in the ‘alt’ attribute of the ‘image’ tag improves the SEO of your blog post. Search engines like Google has option to search images from the web. Including keywords in the ‘alt’ attribute of the images helps it appear in the search results of the keyword. So when the user clicks on the image he may visit your blog and you will get the organic traffic through your images in the post.


<img src="keyword.jpg" alt="keyword" />


You should also name your file using your targeted keyword. This will help search engines recognize what this image is about. This also will help you rank higher for the keyword in image search results.


Visually Appealing

Adding images to your blog post makes it more visually appealing. You can add images related to your topic in the blog post. For example if you are writing about a topic related to computer/internet like ‘keyword research’ then you can include the image of a person using a computer with a suitable description in the image. Adding stunning images in the blog post will grab the attraction of the visitor. If you are writing about a ‘How to’ tutorial about a software or tool then you can include screenshots of it to better explain the process.


Social Media

Images in blog posts helps in sharing the blog post in social media. A blog post with image has a chance of getting more shares in the social media. Social media websites like Facebook will show the image in the blog post while sharing, and a good image will grab the attention of the Facebook users. Social media website Pinterest uses images to share the content on their website. Users can Pin an interesting image on their profile and you will get a link to your website and possible referral traffic. Other social media websites like Flipboard and StumbleUpon also will show the image and content from your website there by attracting more visitors your website.

After adding images in your blog posts you will surely see a lot more increase in social media shares and referral traffic in your blog which will help improve your rankings in search engines.