Search Engine Optimization abbreveated as SEO is the method of increasing the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine’s result. Making the website optimized for search engines or making the website search engine friendly increases the chance of getting free traffic from search engine results for a particular keyword. This free traffic is also known as “organic” traffic. Here I will share with you some of the most basic seo tips that can improve the seo of a website.

1) Register a domain and own hosting instead of using a free sub domain :-

Services like Blogger and WordPress gives users free subdomain to host their blogs. Search engines use inbound links to find what your website is about and how important other websites consider your website. So after creating all the contents on your website and getting links from other websites to yours, if you ever want to move your website to another domain , you will lose the search engine rankings. Because we have to tell the search engines about the moved site, we have to use 301 redirects . A 301 redirect tells search engines that your site or page has moved, but it should transfer all of the link credit of the old address to the new one .htaccess file and almost all the free subdomain providers won’t give access to the .htaccess file. You will need your own registered domain and hosting to get access to that file.

Since they are providing the service for free, they could shut down the subdomain at any time and you may lose all your valuable data you created over a large time duration and effort. Not every subdomain provider is reputable. If they want to delete your website and put something else in its place, they can do it at any time.

2) Quality content :-

A very good quality content can improve the seo of the website. Quality means the content should be well written and it should be free from any grammatical errors or typos. Also the content should be rich in keywords and it should be very interesting to read. A good quality content will attract many visitors. The length of the article should also be larger enough for satisfying the search engines. You have to write a minimum of 300 or more words content in an article. You have to make use of headlines in your content as much as possible. Headlines are rated more important when it comes to SEO. Try to incorporate the keywords in it as well. You should use alt text in images.

3) Importance of URL :-

The URL of a page should be easily readable. Easily human readable URL makes it search engine friendly. Try to include the keyword in the URL. If possible make the URL matching to the title of the article. Also make the keyword at the starting of the title. You can try to avoid dynamic parameters from the URL. You can use tools like mod_rewrite to remove the parameters and rewrite the URL to make it search engine friendly. Try to remove stop words from the URL to make it shorter.