Best web hosting-how to choose

How to choose best web hosting ? Web hosting service is a type of service that allows individuals or companies to make available their website to the public world wide.Basically a website consists of HTML pages that has images, texts and links to other pages or websites.

If you want to develop a complex website that has dynamic pages and other features, you may require to use server side scripting languages and frameworks like PHP, ASP.NET,Ruby On Rails etc.

For making the website available to the world, you have to first register a domain name, which is the address for accessing your website. You can have your domain registered on a different service provider and your hosting on another service provider.

Before subscribing to a best web hosting provider you may have to consider your requirements such as the technologies required, for example whether you are using an open source language like PHP or using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET. You may also consider whether you require a Linux server or Windows server for hosting. Then again you have to consider the amount of  memory space required for your website. Another parameter is the number of databases and the types of databases support required for your website.

If you are hosting a single website then you may require only a shared hosting in which many users will be running their websites on the same server used for your website.

If you require to run a large number of websites then you have to consider a dedicated server or virtual private server(VPS) hosting. They provide full control for you over your server. You can also access your server through technologies like Remote Desktop Connection.

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