Zoho CRM integration with WordPress

Today I will show you how to integrate Zoho CRM with your WordPress website. WordPress is a CMS with lot of plugins that can be downloaded from the site wordpress.org. Zoho CRM integration with WordPress can be achieved by using the plugin named ‘CRM Integrator‘.

First you can download the plugin from here. The downloaded plugin will be in zip format. You can unzip the file and upload the folder into the wp-content -> plugins folder. After uploading the folder go to the plugins section in the WordPress admin side and activate the plugin.

zoho crm integration with wordpress

On the left sidebar you will see the Zoho CRM Integrator plugin options. It has three sub menus named ‘Zoho CRM Integrator’,’reCaptcha’ and ‘E-mail’.

zoho crm integration with wordpress

On clicking the ‘Zoho CRM Integrator’ link you will see a page where you can enter the Auth Token that you got from the Zoho CRM account. Enter the Auth Token and save it.

zoho crm integration with wordpress

On clicking the ‘reCaptcha’ link you will see the page to enter the public and private keys of google’s recaptcha. If you want to show recaptcha in the form then you can enter those values and save it.

zoho crm integration with wordpress

On clicking the E-mail link you will see the page to enter the email id to which the mail should be sent and the subject of the email. You can enter those values and save it.

zoho crm integration with wordpress


By inserting a short code “[zoholead]” this plugin will help you insert a form in a page or post . Following fields are supported by the plugin:Company,FirstName,LastName,Email,Title,Phone,Fax,Mobile,Comments.Last Name and Company are mandatory fields as they are required to create the lead in Zoho CRM.

Different features of the plugin can be enabled by the various attributes in the short code. For example to enable the  recaptcha you can write the short code as [zoholead recaptcha=”enable”]. To send the form data to an email you can use the short code [zoholead sendemail=”enable” recaptcha=”enable”]

By default Zoho CRM Integrator plugin will display all the fields in the form. To show only particular fields, you can use the  short code [zoholead sendemail=”enable” recaptcha=”enable” fields=”first_name,last_name,email,phone”] where fields should contain the comma separated list of filed names. The various field names are company,first_name,last_name,email, title,phone,fax,mobile and comments.

A record will be created into the Zoho CRM Lead using the form data submitted . Different form fields to display can be set through the use of shortcode. The plugin supports the use of recaptcha in the form to stop spam and there is an option to send the form data to an email using the php’s mail function.

Zoho CRM Integrator plugin requires cURL php extension enabled. Plugin will use the php mail function to send emails without authentication.